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推荐工况 Recommended operating conditions:总重40-55吨,最高车速121km/h,经济车速70-108km/h    Total weight,40-55t;maximum vehicle speed,121km/h,economical vehicle speed,70-108km/h
尺寸 Overall dimensions: 6100x2495x3560mm
总质量 Gross vehicle weight: 18000kg
整备质量 Kerb weight:6800kg
准拖挂车总质量 Permissible gross combination weight:35005kg
驱动形式 Drive type:4x2
驾驶室 Cab:J6全浮高顶 full-floating high-top
发动机 Engine:CA6DL2-35E3
发动机功率 Engine power:350hp
变速箱 Transmission: CA9TB160M(9档) (9-speed)
驱动桥 Drive axle: 485
速比 Gear ratio:4.111
车架 Frame:300*80*8mm
轮胎 Tire:11.00R20,315/80R22.5, 12R22.5
油箱 Fuel tank: 400L
轴距 Wheel base:3600+1350mm
牵引座 Fifth wheel : 50/90
选装配置 Optional equipment:平顶驾驶室,导流罩,375/390/420马力发动机,12档变速箱   flat-top cab,dome,375/390/420hp engine,12-speed transmission

The J6P cab embodies car-like fine trims, is provided with automatic air conditioner and LED meters as standard ,and has high-end options.

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