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Date:2015-05-04 9:14:44

With the price advantage in foreign markets and flame out a way to survive the Chinese auto parts suppliers, the reality suddenly found himself being pushed to the edge of life and death is difficult to extricate themselves. For the local auto parts enterprises, can not alone policy to protect, to adhere to independent innovation, and strive to become bigger and stronger is the best way to deal with the impact of foreign capital

    A clear signal that the survival of local parts manufacturers low-cost advantage is quickly lost. In less than a year, a number of Chinese-made parts and components increased by 16% the cost of exports, China is no longer parts of the manufacturing costs low.

    Parts suppliers even more concern is: With the appreciation of the renminbi and the export tax rebate rate down, many international buyers moving into the eyes shifted to the more price advantage of Vietnam, India, Thailand and Australia and other countries and regions, so that those heavily dependent on international sourcing suppliers fall into the abyss. Not just a misunderstanding

    "$ 16,000,000,000 a large single-Loss, Made in China has been marginalized," "no cost advantage, China lost hundreds of billions of parts or orders" ... ... Not long ago, a similar horror titles start to appear in the country some of the important pages of the media, The report quoted a company comes from the fact that the global consulting firm --- PAC Group.

    A survey provided data: In 2008, North American sales of the three largest car manufacturers in China, purchases of spare parts than originally anticipated decrease of $ 8,000,000,000; to 2010, a total reduction of 16 billion U.S. dollars (about 110 billion yuan). If the data is true, the loss of hundreds of billions of orders, in terms of the consequences of Chinas automobile industry is very serious. As a result, lead the industry for the automotive industry, "China" worried about the future.

    In a series of tracking, the data issued by the party to admit that the data obtained are unreasonable. Data are not directly reduce the multinational procurement volume in China, but by multinational auto companies in 2005 announced the expected volume of purchases and the actual procurement projections derived from the gap.

    Things finally clear, this is a witness to misunderstanding. But people reflect: even if the component failure data conclusions, whether they mean that Chinas auto parts industry to sit back and relax it?

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